Brand new sleek interface

    Security Hearbeat

    User-based policies

    User and application risk monitoring

    Secure Wi-Fi

    Plug and play deployment turns your Sophos UTM into a powerful wireless controller

    Multiple models extends your Wi-Fi signal to hard-to-wire areas

    Provides easy, customizable guest access

    Secure Web Gateway

    Blocks web threats in real time, whether your users are on your network or not

    Customize your web filtering by users or time using a variety of authentication options

    Reputation filtering protects against 30,000 newly infected websites daily

    Secure Email Gateway

    Blocks 90% of spam and phishing attacks at the gateway, with an anti-spam engine catching the rest

    Available as a dedicated email appliance or integrated into your UTM

    Transparently and automatically encrypts and digitally signs all of your email

  • Enduser Protection Bundles

    Protect every user on every device, everywhere

    Endpoint, web, email, mobile and data protection all in one package

    Licensed per user, not per device

    Endpoint Antivirus

    Proven protection for laptops and desktops running Windows, Mac, Linux or virtual platforms

    Deploys and manages on-premise or through cloud-managed security services by Sophos

    Provides malicious- and inappropriate-website filtering and our built-in, web-malware scanning

    Sophos Cloud

    Cloud-based Integrated Security for Endpoint, Mobile, and Web

    Whitelist server applications or lockdown your servers with a single click

    Simplified cloud management lets you monitor activity and deploy policies that follow your users to all their devices

    Mobile Control

    Gives you complete mobile security and device management using our web-based console

    Available for on-premise installation or as Software as a Service (SaaS), hosted by Sophos or a Managed Service Provider (MSP)

    Manages corporate- and user-owned smartphones and tablets

    SafeGuard Encryption

    Protects data on computers, shared folders, removable devices and in the cloud

    Provides transparent full-disk encryption for laptops, desktop PCs and virtual desktops

    Allows management of security policies and data protection from a single management center

  • Virtualization Security

    Lightweight antivirus designed specifically for virtual environments

    Automated cleanup scans your virtual machines and removes all threats on the disk and in the memory in real time

    Eliminates scan storms and update storms by engaging VMware's vShield Endpoint technology

    Server Security

    Guards your virtual and physical servers from malware

    Our core antivirus engine delivers proactive detection without sacrificing your performance

    One license covers one server, no matter the type of server or what platform it runs

    SharePoint Security

    Combines modern threat protection, customizable content controls, and an intuitive web-based console

    Uses our Behavioral Genotype technology to detect previously unseen malware

    Controls the distribution of sensitive data through flexible, sophisticated content filtering

    Network Storage Antivirus

    Lightweight scanner works with a range of storage systems, including EMC, Hitachi Data Systems, NetApp, and Oracle/Sun

    Protects against known and zero-day threats with Live Protection and Behavioral Genotype technology

    Provides high availability and performance with load balancing and failover capabilities


    Enforce policy compliance and defend against threats on Exchange, Domino or at the gateway

    Scans all email, eliminating 99% of spam while guarding against other threats

    Configure and administer all your mail servers through a single, intuitive console


ESET Technology

Trust our experience. With over 20 years engineering security software, ESET continues to be at the forefront of innovative security software design …

ESET vs. the Competition

Find out what independent testing organisations compare when testing antivirus software and why they focus on those particular traits. See how ESET performs in these tests and where we excel — not to mention where the competition falls short. Check out ESET's advantage and see what makes our solutions stand out from the crowd in the global AV market.


For many years ESET products have consistently been recognised by reputable, independent testing organisations as best-in-class. ESET NOD32 Antivirus has achieved the highest number of Virus Bulletin VB100 Awards, and never missed a single "In the Wild" virus

Adrian Dooley, Head of IT,
Pinewood Healthcare Ltd., Ireland

" ESET Endpoint Antivirus is peace of mind,
we don't worry about it, we don't know it's
there and it protects our business."

Bussines solutions

ESET Secure Enterprise

Safeguard the entire network
from endpoints to gateway server.

ESET Secure Business

Allround security for your company network,
mail server and file servers

Endpoint Protection Advanced

Advanced security for the company in-house
and mobile workforce.

Endpoint Protection Standard

Essential security for company computers,
mobile devices and file servers.

Individual products

ESET Endpoint Security

ESET Endpoint Antivirus

ESET Mobile Security

ESET Mail Security

ESET File Security

ESET Gateway Security

ESET Secure Authentication

ESET Collaboration

For Home

ESET Smart Security 7 for windows

Explore the opportunities online with our record breaking and fast Internet security that's easy on you. Based on the legendary NOD32, it features new technology to block malware that avoids traditional detection.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 for Linux Desktop

Stop Linux malware without slowing you down. Prevent cross-platform malware attacking Windows and Apple workstations in the network.

ESET Mobile Security for Android

Explore the Internet on your smartphone or tablet. Antivirus and Anti-Phishing protect you online, while Proactive Anti-Theft protects your missing device. SMS & Call Filter helps you manage your calls.

ESET Cyber Security Pro

ESET Cyber Security Pro

ERP Products

LOGO ERP solutions are used by several firms both in Turkey and around the world. Our ERP solutions enable tracking and managing critical administration functions from procurement chain to finance processes in an effective manner.

Tiger Plus products – developed based on the requirements of middle and large scale of enterprises that engage in trading and service fields – helps managing business processes effectively. Enterprises having a need of sector-oriented requirements can also benefit from the advantages of an effective and agile ERP solution by LOGO Java Solution. Furthermore, enterprises engage in planning, production, quality control processes can manage their procurement chain, cost management and quality control processes by integrating with Tiger Enterprise.

Tiger Enterprise

Expert's Choice

Tiger Enterprise is an ERP software developed for middle and large scale enterprises tracking in-house business processes and analyzing results in detail through purchasing, production and distribution features and other basic activities supported by planning, finance and human resources management.

Always one step ahead with Tiger Enterprise…

Tiger Enterprise optimizes in-house processes with planning, finance and human resources managing purchasing, production and sales logistics, and it increases your efficiency in supplier and customer relations.

Why to Choose Tiger Enterprise?

  • Adopted quickly in company processes,
  • Supports multi-dimensional planning and control for companies working in more than one location,
  • Performs data exchange with external systems easily,
  • Open to innovation and development, easy to customize according to user needs,
  • High performance in increasing operational and data load,
  • Meets all kinds of needs thanks to its local and extensive business partnership structure,

  • Integrable with software products developed by other companies,
  • Supports modular structure in line with needs and requirements,
  • Designs different reports for different user needs thanks to flexible reporting features,
  • Foreign language and reporting support for companies engage in export/import and other international firms,
  • Ease-to-use with interface standard,
  • History records of all transactions and operations,
  • Usable on internet, supports mobile technologies,
  • Has a full command of legislation and business rules.

LOGO Human Resources

One of the most significant factors giving the competitive edge to all corporations is human resources. Well-trained experts who have adopted the mission and targets of their company play a deterministic role in increasing the success rate.

LOGO Human Resources optimizes human resources management processes with comprehensive product features and customizable and flexible structure, reduces workload of human resources department and leads managers in tactical and strategic decisions by presenting various analyses.

Why Choose LOGO Human Resources?

LOGO Human Resources has a modules structure and offers a wide range of solutions including salary, debit/credit, performance, career, training and vacation management, recruitment management, organizational planning, wage simulation, survey management and payroll modules.

Corporations can use Employment Management as a single module or enrich their application by adding new modules and switch to Human Resources gradually.


  • Employment Management
  • Organizational Planning
  • Training Management
  • Recruitment System
  • Survey Management
  • Performance Management
  • Career Management
  • Time Planning
  • Wage Simulation
  • Employment Management
  • HR Web

Tiger Plus

LOGO Business Solutions, leader of application software market in Turkey serving for users over 1.300 in 170 thousand companies in Turkey and exporting softwares to more than 30 countries around the world,

Here presents the best ERP software complying with international standards and conditions in Turkey: Tiger Plus

Tiger Plus is an ERP solution

  • Supporting corporate and operational strategies of companies,
  • Fully compatible with corporation
  • Providing competative advantages both in domestic and foreign market
  • Supporting growth process fully

Tiger Plus is offering new insights to competitive companies by reinterpreting the ERP concept. Furthermore, this application software provides solutions to corporations and groups engaging in sales, distribution, production and service fields in all industries at a minimum cost.

Why Choose Tiger Plus

  • Removes document and phone traffic by performing approval and control of work flow and processes in electronic
  • Automate your reports and tasks performed frequently by scheduling and running them whenever required. Tiger Plus reminds your work list and informs the relevant person when it is complete.
  • Complies with Turkish Commercial Code and other standard local/international accounting & finance standards (FAS52, IAS, IFRS)
  • "Object Designer and LOGO Objects" customizing tools developed to create new functional customizations in line with the corporate requirements, exclusively for LOGO Solution Partners
  • Helps in making several adjustments on reports such as color, font and more visual changes, use drawings and graphics for company logo, delete columns or add fields to columns, and create different queries by defining new filters.
  • Tracks top selling and purchased products, the most purchasing AR/APs and the products purchased by them, stock/purchase turnover, bank and safe deposit status and more over a single widow with Manager Dashboard
  • Finds documents of records and transactions defined with "Document Management" function under the relevant catalogs you defined.

Other Features

  • Open and Flexible Structure, Relational Database Support - MS SQL and Oracle
  • Multiple language support
  • Web use with WebTIGER
  • E-business bridge between corporations and other firms and banks thanks to LogoConnect
  • Integrated structure with e-mail systems
  • Smart document integration with MS Office
  • More than 200 integrated business applications developed by LOGO Solution Partners
  • Fully-compatible with Windows interface standards

24/7 access to your desktop. Because the unexpected happens all the time.

One simple tap on your mobile device, and you're connected reliably to your computer. Or access it from any other computer through a browser and your secure Parallels account. Navigate your hard drive easily to find a file or photo, then copy or open it with a tap .

Parallels Access
Access to your computer anywhere, anytime

Introduction to Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac

  • NEW! Pro Edition
  • NEW & COOL! Cortana for your Mac
  • Run Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and more
  • NEW! Ready for OS X El Captain
  • Powerful performance
  • Mac gestures work in Windows

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    - Need Business Licensing?

Parallels Mac Management
for Microsoft SCCM

  • Best remote access to your PC or Mac
  • For iPhone, iPad, and Android devices
  • Use desktop apps like they were made for your device
  • NEW! File sharing
  • NEW! Apple Watch support

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Parallels Remote Application Server Demo

Parallels Transporter
Move all your Windows files from your PC to your Mac

  • Extend SCCM to manage Macs
  • Network discovery and auto enrollment
  • Deploy pre-built OS X images
  • Deploy OS X Configuration Profiles
  • Application Portal for Macs
  • Deploy and manage Parallels Desktop & Windows

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Parallels Mobile Device Management Demo

Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac
Run Windows on your Mac

Parallels Transporter Tutorial

  • Move all your files from your PC to Mac
  • Move browser favorites and bookmarks
  • No need for new software when you switch
  • All your stuff works on your Mac, using Parallels Desktop for Mac

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Parallels Remote Application Server
Managed, secured access to your desktops, data, and applications

Reduce costs
Value your investment
Effortless client management

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Parallels Mobile Device Management

Mass Manage Mobile Devices
Remote Lock & Wipe
Track Android and iOS Devices
Mass Deploy Apps To Groups Of Devices

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To use a domestic metaphor, detecting IT vulnerabilities and filtering incoming Web traffic is the equivalent to keeping doors and windows closed, controlling who knocks on the door and making sure people don't misbehave once they are inside your home. DenyAll products are designed to perform these detection and protection duties. The DenyAll Application Security Platform (DASP) is the foundation of all DenyAll products

DenyAll vulnerability scanners are designed to help auditors, IT and security tems assess the security of their IT infrastructure, including applications. This can be done internally, using a virtual machine, a portable scanner for remote sites, or in SaaS mode, from the cloud, to test the defenses from the outside.

DenyAll's web application & services firewalls leverage a time-tested reverse proxy and modular architecture to defend IT infrastructures against known and unknown application-layer attacks. Unique innovative features include the Scoring List, User Behavior Tracking, Multi-DMZ architecture, Pooling Mode, Client Shield, JSON security engine and the Secure Transparent Mode, for easier deployment without compromising security.

Reducing the total cost of ownership, fostering internal cooperation among application, infrastructure and security administrators is the mission of the DenyAll Management Console (DAMC) and Application Security Dashboard. Both will agregate events from the Detect and Protect family of products to deliver superior application security intelligence.


DenyAll's product offering To fight againts modern attacks, which tend to target the application-layer of any IT infrastructure by default, a simple but efficient strategy calls for filtering Web traffic, to block application-layer attacks, and to reduce the attack surface by proactively managing the infrastructure's vulnerabilities. This is the purpose of DenyAll's three product lines: to detect security weaknesses, to protect the application layer and to manage the process, with a view to improve over time your application security.


The vulnerability scanners in this family of products was designed to reduce the potential attack surface, by proactively managing vulnerabilities at the network, system and application-layers .


DenyAll's Management Console, combined with the Application Security Dashboard enable organizations to better control their application security policy, while reducing operational costs.


DenyAll's Web Application Firewall product range meets the needs of organizations of all sizes and level of requirement, from plug & play to next generation WAF .


DenyAll's product offering

To fight againts modern attacks, which tend to target the application-layer of any IT infrastructure by default, a simple but efficient strategy calls for filtering Web traffic, to block application-layer attacks, and to reduce the attack surface by proactively managing the infrastructure's vulnerabilities. This is the purpose of DenyAll's three product lines: to detect security weaknesses, to protect the application layer and to manage the process, with a view to improve over time your application security.

Reverse proxy, secure architecture

Protocol break and canonization ensure a first level of protection. Multi-DMZ architectures and the pooling mode further increase security

Acceleration and load balancing

Acceleration, caching, TCP multiplexing and load balancing ensure an imperceptible impact of the security functions on the users' experience

High availability

In active-passive mode or active-active mode, on several nodes, the clustering technology ensures the application infrastructure keep performing at all times

Standard Web Security

The black list blocks known attacks while the scoring list's weighting technology will stop yet to be discovered (0 day) attacks

Advanced Web Security

The white list, stateful analysis of session information (cookies, cache) and User Behavior Tracking modules block brute force and denial of service attacks

User Security

Management of client certificates, authentication and integration with Single Sign On tools ease the user experience and increase security

Browser Security

The Client Shield module, an rWeb option, controls the safe execution of connecting browsers, thus preventing man-in-the-browser attacks

Physical and virtual appliances

DenyAll's products can be acquired as physical appliance bundles or virtual appliances, in addition to traditional software packages


Proven solutions, deployed by demanding customers

Since 2011, DenyAll's products have protected the consultation and transaction sites of numerous banks, as well as e-commerce sites, defending them against data theft in accordance with the PCI DSS standard. Companies of all sizes protect the Web front ends of SAP and Oracle applications, critical Web Services-based applications, Webmail access (Outlook Web Access, iNotes), and collaboration tools (Sharepoint).


The security of B2C applications is a major concern. However, banks and insurance companies place equal importance on performance and compliance with standards.


Main challenges: to facilitate the exchange of electronic data without sacrificing the confidentiality of individual data, and to ensure service continuity.


It is simply unacceptable for an application that generates sales to be unavailable or to reveal client bank card numbers.


To find out how to ensure application compliance with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), consult the associated micro-site.

Web Services

Interconnecting Web applications and automating exchanges with subsidiaries, partners and suppliers require tailored security solutions.


SAP NetWeaver portals, and behind them what are sometimes critical enterprise applications (ERP, RH, CRM, etc.), are vulnerable to attack. You need a WAF!


Collaborative working and data sharing are booming. These new types of usage are based on low-security Web protocols. Watch out for data loss!


E-mail has become a critical application. Opening up access to mobile employees and new form factors is not without risk.

Virtual Patching

What is Virtual Patching? What are the challenges of virtual patching in support of your application security policy?


DenyAll Detect Products

Download here the DenyAll Detect products datasheets. The DenyAll Detect range products is composed of: Edge Tester (SaaS), Vulnerability Manager (virtual machine) and Auditor (USB). The DenyAll Detect products range are vulnerability scanners.

DenyAll Protect Products

Download here the DenyAll Protect products datasheets. The DenyAll Protect range products is composed of: sProxy, rXML, rWeb and rWeb + Client Shield. The DenyAll Protect products range are Web Application Firewalls (WAFs).

DAMC 4.0

The effectiveness of an application security policy depends not only on the quality of the WAFs used, but also on the tools made availa¬ble to the team responsible for defining and deploying it. DAMC gives you the tools to cen¬trally manage a global policy adapted to your risks, delegate certain administrative tasks to the teams responsible for local implemen¬tation, and consolidate the reports necessary for good governance of your security policy.


The new DenyAll range of appliances offers price/performance choice that meet the IT needs of small and large companies. Performance capacities can be upgraded at a software and hardware level thanks to enhanced scalability.

GWAVA solutions include:

Email Messaging Security:

GWAVA has engineered antivirus and anti-spam protection specifically for maximum protection of today's vast and complex email systems and servers. A measure of the power of GWAVA comes from its swift ability to stop illicit and pornographic images using Image Analyzer. Furthermore, GWAVA protects the SMTP from DOS and DDOS attack—all this while securing company networks with web traffic and content filtering. GWAVA integrates with compatible ICAP systems to monitor, filter and block incoming and outgoing traffic. This keeps organizations safe from malicious, inappropriate or time-sucking content and websites. And these features deploy as seamlessly in SMBs as they do in the world's largest and most security-intensive environments.

Unified Archiving: Archiving Across Mixed and Multiple Platforms Environments

Platforms such as Microsoft Exchange, Novell GroupWise, Office 365, live@edu, and Gmail pose unique challenges when it comes to successfully managing an integrated system. GWAVA Retain provides top-notch performance in companies that run multiple email applications (e.g., a combination of GroupWise and Exchange); Retain executes with precision in these mixed-platform environments. This is why we use the word 'unified' when describing the way in which system administrators effectively manage separate systems with GWAVA Retain. Administrators archive from one console, using one login, all using proven GWAVA technologies.

Social Media and Mobile Archiving

In today's ultra-connected world employees, at dramatic rates, are tapping into social media while at work, or via company-owned devices. Employee access to Facebook, Twitter and other internet applications demand leading-edge solutions which assure that company assets and data are kept airtight and secure. GWAVA Retain is the best-of-breed solution for managing employee social media usage on corporate devices, whether that device is in the office or off the network. And when it comes to mobile, Retain provides peace of mind for organizations with corporate or BYOD smartphone users and admins by safeguarding against security breaches with powerful archiving, searching and eDiscovery of text messages (MMS, SMS, BBM), instant messages, and phone logs. Archived social media content, along with email archive, can be accessed from one central databasing. This unified archive allows for quick and easy access and eDiscovery of all archived data from console.

GWAVA: The Benefit to Your Organization :

GWAVA is unsurpassed at protecting email. GWAVA is unparalleled at providing unified archiving and critical messaging security—all this while reducing costs, managing complexity and mitigating risk. With offices worldwide, GWAVA delivers support for thousands of customers globally. This commitment to clients reflects the GWAVA assurance to customer satisfaction: Satisfaction with our software, our service and our entire line of products. This is the commitment that GWAVA is proud to uphold.

GWAVA offers an array of products and services to its customers:

1-Retain Unified Archiving
2-Retain for Exchange
3-Retain for GroupWise
4-Retain Social
5-Retain Cloud Archiving
6-Retain Mobile
7-Retain for BlackBerry
8-GWAVA Messaging Security
9-Reload Business Continuity
10-Blueprint for Reload
11-Reveal Email Forensics
12-Redline System Reporting
13-Vertigo Mailbox Management

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